Sunday, 6 April 2008


Comics have been a dull place without Tank Girl. When she finally returned with The Gifting (Out now in trades from IDW), it was like a breath of foul-mouthed air. We went for far too long without her raucous, obnoxious and incredibly sexy self adorning pages and shelves, and it is fantastic to have her back where she belongs. The art may have changed, but its still the same oddly-dressed punk freedom fighter with a penchant for Kangaroo men and tiny shorts.

While it may be difficult for old fans to take with the new art style (which is pretty cool, if a bit too messy and chaotic), the writing, by Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin, is top notch and well in keeping with the character's past.

The comics industry needs Tank Girl. Why? Because she comes across as a very real person, who is both easy to relate to and incredibly likeable in a potty-mouthed antiheroine way. Comics have become far too safe of late, and the return of Tank Girl will hopefully inspire the return of other similar ass kickers. I nominate Marshall Law, Death's Head (I mean the REAL Death's Head), and Spider Jerusalem. lets shake things up a bit shall we people? We're sick of spandex again.

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