Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Stuck for an idea of which horror icon or TV character to dress as on Halloween this year? Check out these suggestions for seven simple costumes based on famous horror characters...

WHAT YOU NEED: White mask with wig, overalls, boots, fake machete.

WHAT YOU NEED: Brown fedora/similar hat, red and green striped jumper, brown trousers, work boots, replica clawed glove (right hand)

Hockey mask, undead makeup, overalls or dark/old 'hick' style clothes, boots, gloves, fake machete.

'Scream' mask, black hooded robe, black boots, gloves, fake butcher knife.

Dungarees, striped sweatshirt, red/orange shoes, red wig, freckle makeup, fake 'scars'.

Pinstripe suit, long brown coat, sneakers, sonic screwdriver prop, white shirt, dark tie.

White suit, black shirt, red tie, 'scar' makeup.

Specialist makeup items and masks are available from your local party supplies stockist. For more ideas and suggestions on Hallowen costumes and more, check out this superb Halloween Ideas blog.

Monday, 20 October 2008


A brand new poster for Frank Miller's forthcoming movie adaptation of Will Eisner's classic comic book character has arrived online. Check it out by hitting the thumbnail. While nowhere near as inspiring as the other images that have surfaced from the film, this does take away a bit of the 'another Sin City' problems the film has had so far. The film looks awesome, like some kind of sick Dick Tracy movie put through Frank Miller's unique visual blender, but this poster doesn't really convey just how awesome the film is going to be.

Friday, 17 October 2008


New images have been released of the forthcoming first wave of Torchwood action figures, which were originally due for release in August. The figures of Jack, Gwen, a Weevil and the Cyberwoman were then pushed back to September, and now word is that they will be out in November, but I'll believe it when I see it, really. Fans are still looking forward to the figures arriving, so these new images will only serve to whet their appetite even further. What's interesting is the fact that this range of figures will only be available in speciality comic and collectibles shops, and not in supermarkets! Bear that in mind when they do arrive. The Torchwood figures are available to pre-order now.

Here are the new images:

Thursday, 2 October 2008


This was never going to be a great, deep, emotional piece of art, was it? Come on, this was always going to be about armoured cars, explosions and machismo. That, my friends, is exactly what you get with the remake of Death Race 2000, and you get it with all the bells and whistles you could crave. The action scenes, and indeed the sections of the movie intended as clips from the televised 'Death Race' events, look like they have come straight out of a video game, and that seems to be who the film is aimed squarely at- fans of ultra violent video games. As a statement against violent culture it fails completely (that was never the intention though), but as a high octane piece of entertainment, it hits the spot right between the eyes.

If you ever saw the original, Stallone-starring Death Race 2000 bit of low budget fluff, you'll recognize the ingredients that made that flick fun to watch, but this is by no means a literal remake- this is Death Race suped-up to the maximum and then used as a weapon to beat people's eyes with. Jason Statham plays his usual Man-With-A-Chisel-For-A-Face routine, which he does remarkably well. I say he should be the new Judge Dredd. The flimsiest of plots sees him take on the mantle of Frankenstein, a masked participant in the lethal Death Race matches, so that he may be released from the prison that stages them (he was framed for the murder of his wife), and the stage is set for cars covered in armour and machine guns to race around a track and blow each other to pieces for many, many scenes.

You know what? I loved it. The film seems to live on adrenaline alone, and pretty much every edit is cut so that each shot smacks you in the face. There are some truly spectacular action scenes, and the film doesn't hang around getting to these explosive sequences. The cast do a great job with what is essentially a terrible script (Ian McShane is great as 'Coach'), but this isn't a film to be looked too deeply into. At the end of the day it is a flick where you want to see stuff blow up, and in that sense it is an excellent thrill ride that delivers serious value for money in the action department. The stunts performed onscreen are nothing short of incredible, and the integration of practical effects, stunts, CG and live action is really rather impressive. When you get to see the Dreadnought there's a little pang of 'That should look cooler after the build-up they gave it', but this is a small niggle with what is a pretty damn fun piece of action cinema. Turn your brain off, buckle up and enjoy every bloody, noisy, violent, exciting moment.


Friday, 26 September 2008


At long last, the Beetlejuice figures have arrived. Announced last year and supposed to be arriving sometime in August, the 18 inch and 7 inch action figures are now on our shelves, so have they been worth the wait? Yes, they most certainly have. The 7 inch version shiops as part of the new range of CULT CLASSICS figures, and is a great addition to that range. It comes packed in a clamshell package with two snakes and book accessory. While his arms, neck and waist are articulated, his legs aren't, which does limit his poses but it does mean the figure remains quite sturdy. The 18 inch version has an awesome sculpt, but the paintjob on the suit could have been better. As with the other 18 inch figures from NECA, the Beetlejuice figure comes with motion-activated sound, featuring lines of dialogue from the classic movie. It's about damn time these things showed up, and they are fantastic aside from that questionable paintjob.The packaging on the 18 inch figure seems aimed at fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is a bit of a let own as I'd have loved to have seen some more graphics from the film itself. Now can we please have a giant Sandworm too?

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I do love the fact that we get to bring you news and opinion in so many ways. Not only do we have our blogs, Twitter, PDF newsletter and Myspace, but now we can bring you STARSTORECAST, our brand new podcast show! Presented by Andrew Hawnt with Jonathan Winwood and Rich Thorp, STARSTORECAST features us covering the latest geek culture news, movies, comics and merchandise in our own *special* way. You can check out the first free episode in the player below!

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Monday, 22 September 2008


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Wednesday, 17 September 2008


So there we are- after the original poster for Zack and Miri Make a Porno was deemed unsuitable by Those In Positions of Influence, those cheeky blighters at View Askew have brought us a new one. In keeping with the work of our Lord Kevin Smith, the poster is suitably cheeky and intended as a knock at the people who deemed the original too risque. Good lad.

Thursday, 28 August 2008


Shelfari is a great new free service allowing users to share their bookshelves. Show your friends what you've read, what you're reading and what you plan to read soon. Add us and check out what we're currently flipping the pages of! You can even buy the books from Amazon via the Shelfari service. Go along and check it out!

Monday, 25 August 2008


Here’s one instance where starting over again is a good thing. With every film under the sun getting a remake, which I’m absolutely sick to death of, the news that the Superman movie franchise is to be started over again is actually a breath of fresh air.  Bryan Singer’s bloated misfire Superman Returns was a big fat lesson in mediocrity. It did look and feel like a Superman film, but absolutely nothing happened in it bar the baseball stadium scene. To carry on from that film would have been a mistake, as there was no real sense of scale or drama in that film, despite strong performances from a pretty decent cast.

Warners have made a brave - not to mention sensible – move in starting the franchise over. That said, I’m hoping they give us something a bit different than just another origin story (maybe something more along the lines of the recent Incredible Hulk reboot), and that there are some supervillains in it other than Lex bloody Luthor.

Y’know, there’s still some of out there that think Warners should take another look at Kevin Smith’s Superman Reborn script and use some of that. If nothing else, they need Smith or another comics afficianado on board to ensure we get something cool this time around. Doomsday would be cool. A big screen version of Superman’s death would go down very well indeed, and of course then there could be the relevant sequels.

Mind you, this new revamp could also be used to start tying the DCU movies together a bit, much in the same way Marvel have been doing of late. If there’s something that the recent DCU movies are lacking it is any coherent world. Remember, there’s a Justice League movie on the way (eventually) and this would probably have to tie into that somehow. One problem is, with that JLA movie coming, won’t that have a different Superman actor? Aaaaaaggghhh…. Is the DCU movie universe imploding already? I swear if someone says the word ‘Multiverse’ ion there I’m going to have to go Doomsday on DC’s asses.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Fox appear to be having a bit of a tantrum, don’t they? Apparently the movie giant still retains some rights to the Watchmen property, and is trying to stop the Warner Bros-made movie being released. Right, why on earth did Fox wait until the film had actually completed production until bringing this up? The matter came up six months or so ago, after the Zack Snyder film was in the can, and has now reared its ugly head again. Look, Fox, people want to see this film. Lots of people. Some of those people have been waiting twenty years to see it, and if you held the rights back then, why wasn’t it put into production. Warners have made good on their promise of creating a hell of a feature film, that looks set to do the legendary Watchmen comic book series justice, and now fans can’t help but feel that Fox are throwing a bit of a strop for no good reason, I mean, they had their chance. Let it lie. I hope this matter can be resolved without any delay to the film’s release, or there are going to be a lot of fans out there calling for Fox’s collective heads on a platter. This is a real shame, as both studios are excellent and sometimes it would just be nice if they would get along.

Friday, 15 August 2008


The current run of Captain Britain and MI13 from Marvel Comics has just hit issue four, and it really does feel like the most consistently entertaining and well made comic on the scene at the moment. Paul Cornell weaves a script that is always gripping, funny and action packed and yet it still carries some dramatic weight. The art of Leonard Kirk and Jesse Delperdang is strong throughout. The joy of the book is that it can be enjoyed as a standalone title despite its involvement in the Secret Invasion storyline. It is most certainly part of that huge crossover event, but it can be read and understood on its own merits.

The invasion in these pages isn’t chock full of Marvel mainstays, but it is chock full of surprises and wit that can’t be ignored. The tone of the series is nigh on perfect for a modern Marvel title, and with such a strong creative team I really am excited to see where the series goes. I for one am hoping the title lasts long beyond the Secret Invasion storyline, and that Cornell stays involved in some fashion too.

Thursday, 7 August 2008


Following on from the success of animated DVD features like Superman: Doomsday and DC: New Frontiers, the latest addition to the growing range of licensed animated comic movies is a feature length adventure featuring Wonder Woman. The trailer for this project is now online and looks pretty good for a DVD feature. Diana/Wonder Woman is voiced in the feature by Keri Russell, and the animation certainly does the character’s pedigree proud. Check it out:

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


I had gone into this film without expecting a great deal. The reviews I’d read had largely been indifferent or negative, but a few had said this was a return to form for a franchise that lost its way in its later years as a TV show. Now, as a fan of the X-Files from the start I was always going to go and see it anyway, and really I was just happy to see the characters of Mulder and Scully together again. So, how does the new film fare?

Surprisingly well, actually. It is a far cry from the megabucks 1997 movie- there are no aliens, no conspiracy, no spaceships, and not one bit of the scale of that earlier film. What we have here is an old fashioned X-Files caper that is unashamedly an extended TV episode. Its extremely low key storyline and minimal set pieces and effects explain why it took such a short time to make (It was only shot in December, and post was completed quickly on it). Some are yelling that it is too subdued, too small scale, but I say that this is a necessary thing to reintroduce the characters of Mulder and Scully to the current audience.

The story, involving a missing FBI agent, stolen body parts and a psychic priest with a terrible past (played to unsettling effect by an astonishingly creepy Billy Connolly), is secondary to the matter of getting the two leads back together for another outing and to set up the third film that |Chris Carter has talked about, intended for release in 2012 and featuring a full scale alien invasion. For now we have I Want To Believe, and for those of us who loved the standalone classics of the series, this is a welcome return to form. It is a self contained and gripping tale that not only serves as a fitting epilogue to the series, but also sets us up well for another adventure.

Interaction between the two leads is strong, although I’m not sure how Gillian Anderson coped with David Duchovny’s comedy beard for the first half an hour of the film. The beard deserves its own film. That aside, it is great to catch up with the characters’ lives after the end of the big X-Files arc and have them caught up in an old school runaround in search of a missing FBI agent who may be fair game for medical experimentation.

There are a number of fan pleasing moments, but I do think that the piece is so very low key and minimalist that it will turn off a good portion of moviegoers who wanted to see spectacle instead of suspense. Billy Connolly’s Father Joe character is an uncomfortable addition to the cast, but it is that discomfort that works in his favour and makes him such an uneasy presence.

Chris Carter’s direction is a little conservative- this really does feel like an episode of the early X-Files era put onto the big screen, but that works here. The world isn’t at stake, the effects shots that there are tend to be suggested rather than huge money shots, which is also great to see in this age of overblown CG epics. The comparatively tiny budget has been used here to secure a sterling cast (even Xzibit is pretty good) and bring us a nicely rounded, nicely handled story that is resolved tidily and brings the notion of the two investigators Mulder and Scully back into the public consciousness with dignity and surprisingly little fanfare. An enjoyable return for two much loved genre icons. I just hope it does well enough to warrant the production of the next one. Thankfully, with such a small budget for this one, it should gross enough for that to happen.

Incidentally, I picked up the soundtrack album after getting out of the cinema- Mark Snow’s score for the movie is really, really good. Unkle’s retooling of the X-Files theme (which plays over the closing credits) is great, and adds some real majesty to those six immortal notes.

Monday, 4 August 2008


Okay, Rich posted his glowing review of The Dark Knight over at our mothership blog on this post here, and now I’ve finally had chance to see the film I can offer my own take. I’m probably going to be burned at the stake for this, but I honestly thought the film was a huge disappointment. Whoa, put those pitchforks and flaming torches down a second, let me explain.

I went into the cinema with my girlfriend (a writer and journalist) and a bunch of friends (who are also big fans of Batman) and eagerly awaited the follow-up to the excellent Batman Begins, a film that saved the franchise from the awful memories of Joel Schumacher and Batman’s nipples. In that company, I was genuinely embarrassed by the film.

The film that followed the inane trailers was a lengthy, repetitive bore. I hate to have to write a review like this, but I’m here to tell you the truth and bring you genuine opinion. The Dark Knight, to these eyes, was a tedious film full of tedious scenes linking tedious set pieces. Much has been made of the cast, but they are almost all criminally underused, apart from the ever glorious Gary Oldman and the late Heath Ledger. The Joker does steal the show, but unfortunately this is due to there not being much of a show to steal.

Something that stunned all of us is the rating the film has been given. 12A for this? A film crammed with knives, violence, death, scarred faces and someone with half their head burnt into a mess of meat and sinew? How did the BBFC come to the decision that this was appropriate for viewing by small children? Many parents will be going under the assumption that this is a kiddie friendly superhero movie (trust me, some people WILL think that), and instead will have their kids watching the Joker stab a pencil into someone's head, shoot people at point blank range, kill people and slice a man's face open.

With the running time so bloated and arse-numbingly long, I couldn’t help but notice a good hour or so that could have been cut. Where I had expected a fascinating crime drama with added costumed action, I got the same 30 minutes of story repeated six times. The film kept on building towards something and the payoff never came. No satisfying resolution was offered, no scene really gripped me and the closing speech from Commissioner Gordon had us all cringing. I wish I could be less critical, but this is a Batman movie and thus needs more scrutiny.

Heath Ledger’s deranged performance as the Joker was a high point, and didn’t echo Jack Nicholson’s pantomime performance from the Tim Burton era, but it isn’t the earth shattering feast that the reviews have been deeming it as. It was indeed a tragic loss when he died, but his performance has to be seen on its own merits. He was an unusual choice for the clown prince of crime, and as an epitaph this seems sadly hollow.

Aaron Eckhart’s Harvey Dent (and indeed Two Face) was my favourite aspect of the film, and his descent into madness was gripping, if a little rushed. That’s one strength the film has- Two Face wasn’t just tagged on, like, say, Venom in Spider-Man 3. The effects for his mangled face were well handled, and he carries the part off well. Unfortunately he’s in the middle of a cast who, aside from Ledger, seem to be on autopilot. Actually, Nolan seemed to be a bit on autopilot too.

With a surprisingly weak script, uninspired cinematography (what happened? Batman begins was beautifully shot!) and overly minimalist production design, the film was sadly lacking and this fan left the screen feeling short-changed, tired and rather let down. Hopefully the third in this series will prove to be better, and not get bogged down in hyperbole.

Thursday, 31 July 2008


Lara Croft, ahem, sorry, Angelina Jolie has been showing an interest in portraying Catwoman in the next Batman film from Christopher Nolan. Jolie has been putting her feelers out for the part recently, and is fuelling speculation that it will indeed be the feline burglar hitting the screen alongside Two face in the next film. Angelina would be a suitable candidate for the role, and would hopefully play the character more along the lines of Michelle Pfeiffer’s legendary appearance in 1991's Tim Burton sequel Batman Returns, and not that godawful Halle Berry movie from 2004. Concerns that she wouldn’t have the right presence or action skills need just watch wanted or the Tomb Raider movies again. While not quite as slinky and suggestive as I’d like, she would be able to tackle the part with purrfect character. Sorry, I couldn’t help that. Even former 60's Catwoman actress Julie Newmar thinks this is a great idea. Here’s hoping that this third film will do justice to the legacy of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and doesn’t slip back into Joel Schumacher territory.

Thursday, 24 July 2008


The logo for next year's Transformers sequel has been revealed and the official movie site has been updated. How does it look? Erm, well it looks like the first movie title with 'Revenge of the Fallen' shoved underneath it. The logo is as underwhelming as the title, so let's hope that the movie makes up for it. Everything is pointing to a sequel that surpasses the first film in every way, and as hard as it is to say it, I'm trusting Michael Bay will deliver something cool for the fans. I do still hate the title, but I can live with it if the film is good enough.

Monday, 14 July 2008


Okay, so there’s a movie of Gears of war on the way, and Bioshock, and (evetually) Halo, but there’s still a ton of classic video game titles out there that could be given the big screen treatment. Why has this come to mind? A review of Paul W.S. Amderson’s script for a proposed Castlevania movie has gone up online, and it got me thinking. The blatant one that comes to mind would have to be Zelda, but then I’d also love to see a great big CG version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Think about it. A full speed Sonic adventure on the big screen, full of badass Robotnik action would be an awesome sight.

So if Hollywood is running out of ideas (as it certainly appears to be doing), here’s a few suggestions for classic video games that would make fantastic films (animated or otherwise).

Streets of Rage

Fatal Fury

Eternal Champions (I’m joking with this one)

Golden Axe

Altered Beast

Space Invaders (think about it- this could be the definitive game movie)

Alien Storm


Alex Kidd

Flashback (oh sweet Geek Jesus yes)

Ecco (hehehe)

Out Run (an all time classic that would be great fun onscreen)

Zero Wing (ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US- on the big screen. That sells itself doesn’t it?)

There are literally hundreds of others out there. Any of you guys and gals have any other suggestions? God knows we’ve spent enough of our lives in front of these things- they must have something going for them. I know this list is kind of old school by current standards, but there’s so much good stuff in those video-games that it’d be a crime to ignore them.

Monday, 7 July 2008


The world of comics has lost one of is contemporary guiding lights. Michael Turner, creator of FATHOM and KIANI and the man behind the Aspen company, sadly passed away after losing his battle against cancer. This is a time for the comics industry to put their differences aside and acknowledge the man and his work. We have lost an incredible talent and a much loved person, and the comics world seems a bit less fun now. Known the world over for his distinctive art style and unique character designs, Michael built a name for himself and his colleagues with his own property, the aquatic heroine Aspen, aka Fathom.

Speaking as a fan of his work and a retailer, I can vouch for the feeling whenever something new arrived with his art on it- there was an excitement that was shared by everyone, and we would all check it out before pointing it out to our customers. That’s how I’ll be remembering him- someone that brought some excitement back to the world of graphic storytelling.

Starstore would like to pass our sincere condolences to the friends, family and workmates of Mr Turner.

Thursday, 3 July 2008


We all love graphic novels and the comics that they collect, but what are the biggies for the Starstore staff? Lets take a look at our favourites, and there may well be one or two surprises on the list amid the usual suspects. This heralds the start of some regular looks at our favourite trade paperbacks…


The graphic novel masterpiece. How could this not be on here? Utterly perfect in every possible way apart from the odd dodgy hairstyle. Zack Snyder better have done something incredible with the movie…


V is one of the most compelling characters ever to appear in a comic series. His personality and quest are so timeless that it is easy to see why this has been a consistent seller for so long.


The early 1990s were rocked with the death of the iconic superhero at the hands of the behemoth known as Doomsday, and even though he came back, things were never the same.


A very low key book with a very moving story. Death, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman universe, appears in this heart warming (and equally heartbreaking) tale of life and love.


All 9 graphic novels. You heard me. Preacher is about as badass as a comic series can possibly be, and the series has stood the test of time more than most titles.


Likewise with this. The ten books may have dated in terms of artwork, but the twists of surreal plot are still every bit as compelling as anything Gaiman has written outside of comics. Genius.


Look, it’s a rule. You work in a comic shop, you love TWISTED TOYFARE THEATRE. Strips done with action figures, satirising the comics scene and industry? Yes please. Just keep Tony Stark away from the beer.


A stark and beautifully written piece of graphic novel art that shows another side to the character we know and love. The early years of the X-Men’s most mysterious ally.


Frank Miller’s definitive noir comics series, collected in graphic novel form. Rounded characters. Incredible artwork. Impeccable. What happened frank? How can you go from this to DK2?!


Jim Mahfood’s excellent take on the lives of a bunch of twentysomething slacker girls.


The reprints of her classic stories are a constantly popular line, and now that the new era Tank Girl is coming to trades with ‘The Gifting’ and so on, her popularity is on the rise again.


John Kovalic’s affectionate look at comics and game geeks remains to this day the most entertaining geek inside joke around. Come on, we all know an Igor. Some of us have to work with one!


Alan Moore gets about a bit doesn’t he? Here’s another one from him. Pretty much the definitive Batman graphic novel story, up there with Arkham Asylum, Knightfall and A Death in The Family. Perfect.

More favourites coming soon, as well as some that we don’t like quite so much ;)

Thursday, 26 June 2008


Mezco’s range of film-related LIVING DEAD DOLLS is to get a hell of a boost this October with the release of a stylized doll of CAPTAIN SPAULDING from House of 1,000 corpses. The doll is set to stand approximately 10 inches tall and comes dressed in the clown outfit we saw in that seminal movie from Rob Zombie. To be shipped in a House of 1,000 Corpses themed window display box, it’ll be the perfect accompaniment to the earlier Otis and baby double pack release. Cast in sturdy plastic and wearing an authentic fabric costume, you might almost mistake it for a regular doll, but no… not quite.

I love these things. Where the regular Living Dead Dolls can tend to be a little bit samey and overly twee in some cases, the movie related ones are a great way to put a new spin on a tried and tested franchise. Following hot on the heels of Living Dead Dolls series 15, this is a great addition to the range. The Jason and Leatherface ones have been a big hit with fans, and it looks like the Captain Spaulding one is going to do well too- but this one has a clown outfit on so it is automatically more terrifying. Clowns…gaaaahhh. What? You don’t find them insanely terrifying? Watch IT or CLOWNHOUSE. Go on. I dare you.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Warner Bros have released a tantalizing clip from The Dark Knight in which we get a glimpse of Harvey Dent/Two face after his transformation! The clip has been posted as party of the film’s viral marketing campaign, which has been great fun to follow. Go to and click on the HA in the title. You’ll be taken to the clip in question. Its short, but its cool.

What? Excuse me for being a continuity snob here but Jason doesn’t wear the trademark hockey mask until the third Friday the 13th film. This remake is edging ever closer to ‘reinvention’ which isn’t really that great if you think about it. I can see the point in putting him in it in this film- after all, that’s what today’s dumbed down audience will be expecting, but how is this going to be worked in for crying out loud? I know, lets ignore an integral part of film history and just make any old nonsense shall we? Hang on, they already did that with Freddy Vs Jason…

The long-talked of Robotech movie appears to be getting some muscle behind it now. Long-said to have Tobey MacGuire involved, the project now has a writer attached- none other than LAWRENCE KASDAN. You may remember him from a certain little film called THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Yeah. That’s more like it. This has great potential. Such an incredible and epic franchise as Robotech needs talent like this. Although, due to rights issues, the amount of MACROSS material in the film is going to be very limited. Hmm. I’ll still be there to see it. Robotech FTW.

Friday, 13 June 2008


The first trailer for the half reboot/half sequel PUNISHER: WAR ZONE is online now, and it looks as though this stripped down new movie is going to hit the Bullseye with fans. Where some/many/all fans were disappointed with the 2004 Tom Jane/JohnTravolta misfire, and I think those fans are going to be pleased with this new flick. Frank Castle needs to look like he’s had a crappy life, and ray Stevenson has the perfect face and voice for it. Looks like we’re going to be in for the definitive Punisher movie at last. The budget and scale of this film may be smaller, but it does seem that it is going to be a much more compelling and gritty film. Take a look:

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


'Director' Guy Ritchie is to helm a brand new big screen adaptation of the legendary Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This news has been floating around for a little while now, but I’ve held my tongue on the subject until I heard what the direction was going to be. Upon reading the reports of how the film is going to be handled, I have been cursed with a feeling of impending doom, which is shared by many other people who have heard the news.

You see, instead of depicting Sherlock Holmes as a master of deduction in an atmospheric and weighty drama, he is to leap onto the screen in a comic-book style movie featuring him as a swashbuckling action hero. Due to hit screens in 2010 from Warner Bros, it is conjouring all manner of nightmarish visions of some sub-LXG aberration stuffed with ironic cameos and ‘witty’ one liners. Even the version of Watson to feature in this movie is described as a ‘Sidekick.’ SIDEKICK?! This seems like a train wreck waiting to happen (complete with climactic battle in a big CG waterfall, no doubt). The destruction of another literary character begins! I’m not holding much hope for the project whatsoever, but I do hope it is better than Van Helsing. Mind you, that isn’t asking much. How about Warners save themselves a few million quid, stick Stephen Fry in a chair in front of a camera, and have him read a couple of the original stories. That would be a much more entertaining way of getting Holmes onscreen than the cringefest that we are in for with this film. I hope I am proven wrong. Bring him to the screen faithfully, or not at all!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


The recently released action figures based on the games hit Gears of War have been snapped up almost as fast as stores have been able to get them onto the hooks. Now, NECA have unveiled the next addition to the figures range- a brand spanking new Gears of War action figure box set. Erm, the only thing is, this box set contains the full set of figures that have already been released, along with one variant figure. Pardon me being picky, but wouldn’t it have been more lucrative for NECA to have released this box set first, and THEN the individual Gears of War figures? Or at least simultaneously? Okay, there are new accessories included in the pack that weren’t included with the original release of the figures, but is that really enough to get the fans to buy them again? This set is perfect for anyone who is yet to get their hands on some Gears of war figures, but for those that have already got them on their shelves, I can’t see it being snapped up that quickly. That said, the Gears of War action figures have been flying out at a mad rate, so maybe I’m wrong. Oh, and not forgetting there’s a movie of the game in preproduction, so we may well be on the brink of it taking over more aspects of the media. We shall see. If anything from the games arena has a chance of breaking out into the general public’s consciousness, I’d say it is Gears of War, even over Halo. I dunno, it just seems to have a bit more of a brain. A bit, anyway.

Friday, 30 May 2008


Michael Turner’s aquatic strumpet returns to the comics field with this teaser for the new series from Turner’s Aspen company. The reader may feel a little short changed with this issue, as much of it has already been given away as part of this year’s Free Comic Book Day shenanigans a while back. Plus, it’s a bit light on content anyway. What there is though is decent, if not really that inspiring. There’s some nice setup material and the necessary exposition, but little else. The art, pencilled by Ale Garza and inked by Sal Regla, is very attractive, and fills the characters out a but more than Turner’s own comic book style does, which is cool to see, but it doesn’t stop the book looking a little like something Crossgen would have published (especially in the colour palette used). The script, by JT Krul, is serviceable but maybe a little flat in places, relying too much on monologues instead of dialogue, which makes the whole thing feel too much like an advert. I guess it is exactly that really, and its going to be interesting to see where this goes when the comics series starts for real. It looks great, but this issue is a bit of a let down, aside from the superb and rather eye catching cover featuring Aspen herself.

Thursday, 29 May 2008


All of us here at and The Last Picture Show would like to pass along our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Alexander Courage, who it has been reported passed away on May the 15th. Born in 1919, Mr Courage was the composer behind the legendary theme tune to the original Star Trek series, including the famed Enterprise fanfare. His work was instantly recognizable and hugely memorable, and stands as a testament to a great talent. As well as Star Trek, he also contributed music to Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space and many more iconic genre shows, as well as working as an arranger and orchestrator for many of the great composers of the last century, including movie greats John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith. I do hope that some of his work is used in the upcoming Star Trek movie from JJ Abrams.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Well this is jumping the gun a bit isn’t it? Not a frame shot, and is there even a script yet? Already there’s a Witchblade movie site, and, get this, a teaser poster available. The poster looks superb, but who is the girl in the glove? The role of Sara Pezzini hasn’t been cast yet (although rumour has it that Megan Fox is up for the role), and they’re going to have to float some names soon if the hype and production machines are to get underway on the Witchblade movie properly. It was only announced recently, so it does make me wonder how much work has already been done on the project. I do hope they stick with the glove design as it appears on this teaser poster. The version that appeared in the TV movie and subsequent series was cool but not cool enough. This one looks pretty much exactly how the gauntlet looks in the comic book series, which is what fans wanted all along anyway. Hopefully this time we’ll also get to see the real Witchblade armour in all its glory. Megan Fox would certainly have the presence for it, and she does have a strong resemblance to the comics incarnation of Ms Pezzini. One question though; Will the Darkness make an appearance in this new movie? We will keep you posted on the latest developments.

Friday, 23 May 2008


In a rather random move, a movie adaptation of the gritty Marvel superheroes title RUNAWAYS is heading to the big screen. Now, I’m all for superhero movies, and even moreso for Marvel movies, but this has taken me somewhat by surprise. Its going to be interesting to see how the stylized artwork of the comic series is adapted for a live action film. The plot, that of the kids of supervillains who run away and join up as a force for good, has given Marvel Comics some very strong storylines that rely heaviliy on characterization as opposed to action. There’s a great deal of action to be enjoyed, but it is mostly a character piece, which is cool and should make for a great film. Hopefully. I’m not that sure how it will be accepted by a mass audience though. I mean, who’s heard of Runaways outside of comic fandom? Personally I’d rather see a new Generation X movie. I alway7s had a soft spot for the cheap TV movie from 1996 and would love to see a new version with a cast that actually fit the character descriptions this time. The Runaways movie is due for release in 2011, alongside the CAPTAIN AMERICA, IRON MAN 2 and ANT MAN Marvel movies.

Thursday, 22 May 2008


Doctor Who writer, comics scribe and all round fanboy idol Paul Cornell, along with his other half, are currently recuperating after a nasty car accident that took place last Tuesday. Both were injured in the collision, but are on the mend and essentially okay. All of us at Starstore and The Last Picture Show wish Paul and Caroline all the best for a speedy recovery.

Aside from his work on Doctor Who on TV and in books and audio, Paul is an established novelist and comics writer. His recent first issue of Captain Britain and MI:13 sold out of its entire print run within the first week of publication, and Marvel Comics are now going for a second print, so keep an eye out for that hitting the shelves! A respected advocate of comics and British Science Fiction, Mr Cornell’s work is highly regarded in fan circles, and we look forward to his future projects.

Hope you both get well soon!

(Regular updates on all things Doctor Who, including our TARDISWATCH features, can be found at The Famous Starstore Blog)

Monday, 19 May 2008


Laura Dern has recently stated that her character from the original JP movie, Dr. Ellie Sattler, features heavily in the fourth instalment of the legendary Dinosaur franchise. This is cool, but is that project even still on the go? Last I heard there was an insane script featuring superpowered mutant dinosaurs sent out to war against the Jurassic Park dinosaurs. Yeah. X-Dinos. Hmm. Another Jurassic Park movie would be brilliant, but I’d want Michael Crichton involved somewhere. The Lost World was far from perfect, but it was still a very strong film in many respects, and it sure beat the hell out of that train wreck that was Jurassic Park 3. So whats the score at the moment? I pray they aren’t going with that mad script and that something good can come of it. The first Jurassic Park is a milestone in cinema history, and I hope that if a fourth is made then it does the legacy justice.

Thursday, 15 May 2008


Fraggle Rock, that bastion of bizarre 1980s puppetry genius, is all set to make a comeback on the big screen in an all singing, all dancing live action musical extravaganza. I love this idea. Its so mad it may just turn out brilliant. DVD sales of the first 3 seasons have been so strong that it has made the prospect of a return very viable. Created by the Jim Henson company, the show became a hit with kids in the 80s and has struck a chord with viewers ever since those early days. The Weinstein Co. are to adapt the Fraggle Rock series for the big screen with a script by director Cory Edwards. Lisa and Brian Henson will be acting as producers for the project. You know, I think this is going to be lapped up by kids and those who remember Fraggle Rock from its original run. I certainly fall into the latter category, and will probably be in line when the thing gets released. I mean, with THAT theme tune, how could you not want to see the Fraggles back onscreen? The story, like the classic TV series, concerns the main Fraggles (and new characters) emerging from their magical home and being mistaken for aliens. Here’s hoping that we get to see the Doozers back onscreen too! This project has been reported to be live action, and I am hoping that the Fraggles aren’t CG, or at least for the most part. It would be great to see them run and jump and interact like fully rendered characters, so some CG is unavoidable, but they do need to mostly be traditional puppets for the transition to work. Anyway, I think we’ve got something to look forward to here. And yeah, I can’t get the theme tune out of my head either now :/

Monday, 12 May 2008


According to Variety, the long-running comic book franchise Witchblade is heading for the big screen. Set to be a co production between Top Cow, Arclight and Platinum studios, the film will be the first big screen outing for the legendarily sultry superhero. She did, of course, turn up on TV in one TV movie and a series that lasted for two seasons, starring Yancy Butler as the feisty brunette Sara Pezzini. The anime incarnation of Witchblade has also proved to be a success, but in cinemas, I think we’re in for the finest version yet. The comics mythology has some clout in the movie, and Top Cow’s Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins will be on hand as Executive producers. Here’s hoping the film lives up to the promise shown in the years of comic book stories. I hope it doesn’t dwell on the origin story for too long. The trend for comic book origin movies is becoming a bit stale. Sure, deal with the origin but don’t let it take over the whole film. There’s been a hell of a lot of fans garnered since the comic began in 1995, and the audience is gonna want a bit more than two hours of being told what they already know. It is hoped that the Witchblade feature film will begin production in September.

Friday, 9 May 2008


The forthcoming new Street Fighter movie, based on the immortal beat 'em up video game franchise, now has an official release date. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li is set to be released in the US on February 27th, 2009. A UK and worldwide release will follow soon after. The film, starring Smallville's Kristen Kreuk as the adorable (and lethal) lead character, is the first live action Street Fighter project to get off the ground since 1994's atrocious Jean Claude van Damme clunker. Thankfully it looks like it is going to be a rather more serious and entertaining affair this time. While Kristen may not have the perfect look for the character (lovely as she is), he certainly has the background, with training in dance, gymnastics and martial arts. This is one character that is certainly more than just a pretty face. The film also stars Moon Bloodgood, who will also be appearing on the big screen in the eagerly awaited Terminator Salvation movie alongside Christian Bale. While it is known that M Bison will show up in the Chun Li film, details are sketchy on the other Street Fighter characters that are to make an appearance.

Thursday, 8 May 2008


It has been reported that NECA are to expand their range of officially licensed ALIEN figures this year with the addition of two new items, namely 9 inch and 18 inch versions of the original Alien creature itself, as seen in the legendary first movie! The creature that first thrilled audiences back in 1979 with Ridley Scott’s science fiction masterpiece has become a staple of SF fandom, adorning myriad posters, Alien action figures and collectibles since then, and across the sequels and the AVP spinoff movies. Now NECA have produced two very special figures, and if I remember rightly, the 18 inch version is the FIRST EVER 18 inch Alien action figure to be produced. Both the regular figure and the deluxe 18 inch figure are due to ship later this month, and thus should arrive in the UK in early June. The figures ;look superb, and it is great to see that the designs have closely matched those of HR Giger, who, of course, designed the creatures in the first place. After the various AVP figure versions of the Alien, it is wonderful to see NECA going right back to the original source material and creating something spectacular. I can see both of these figures being a major hit for NECA, and I can’t wait to get them in. Now, if only someone would make a new Alien Queen set of some description, to fill the void left by the retirement of McFarlane’s gorgeous set from 2001. Any takers? That said, an 18 inch Predator action figure would also be a great idea, but a Predator based on the original 1987 film and not the modified versions from the AVP flicks. That would be a massive release, both in terms of interest and the size of the figures! Getting back to the basic essence of these creatures is something that has been missing from both the movies and the merchandise in recent years, and it looks like NECA have put the style back into the range with these new releases.

Monday, 5 May 2008


Marvel studios have announced the tentative release dates for their next batch of superhero movies, including the first sequel to the current smash hit IRON MAN movie. Check these out:

IRON MAN 2 - April 30th, 2010

THORJune 4th, 2010


Apparently, the Captain America movie is to be titled: THE FIRST AVENGER: CAPTAIN AMERICA, a title that is, hmm, not to great really is it? Mind you, all these go some way towards us getting an AVENGERS movie, so it’s all good.