Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Well this is jumping the gun a bit isn’t it? Not a frame shot, and is there even a script yet? Already there’s a Witchblade movie site, and, get this, a teaser poster available. The poster looks superb, but who is the girl in the glove? The role of Sara Pezzini hasn’t been cast yet (although rumour has it that Megan Fox is up for the role), and they’re going to have to float some names soon if the hype and production machines are to get underway on the Witchblade movie properly. It was only announced recently, so it does make me wonder how much work has already been done on the project. I do hope they stick with the glove design as it appears on this teaser poster. The version that appeared in the TV movie and subsequent series was cool but not cool enough. This one looks pretty much exactly how the gauntlet looks in the comic book series, which is what fans wanted all along anyway. Hopefully this time we’ll also get to see the real Witchblade armour in all its glory. Megan Fox would certainly have the presence for it, and she does have a strong resemblance to the comics incarnation of Ms Pezzini. One question though; Will the Darkness make an appearance in this new movie? We will keep you posted on the latest developments.

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