Thursday, 31 July 2008


Lara Croft, ahem, sorry, Angelina Jolie has been showing an interest in portraying Catwoman in the next Batman film from Christopher Nolan. Jolie has been putting her feelers out for the part recently, and is fuelling speculation that it will indeed be the feline burglar hitting the screen alongside Two face in the next film. Angelina would be a suitable candidate for the role, and would hopefully play the character more along the lines of Michelle Pfeiffer’s legendary appearance in 1991's Tim Burton sequel Batman Returns, and not that godawful Halle Berry movie from 2004. Concerns that she wouldn’t have the right presence or action skills need just watch wanted or the Tomb Raider movies again. While not quite as slinky and suggestive as I’d like, she would be able to tackle the part with purrfect character. Sorry, I couldn’t help that. Even former 60's Catwoman actress Julie Newmar thinks this is a great idea. Here’s hoping that this third film will do justice to the legacy of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and doesn’t slip back into Joel Schumacher territory.

Thursday, 24 July 2008


The logo for next year's Transformers sequel has been revealed and the official movie site has been updated. How does it look? Erm, well it looks like the first movie title with 'Revenge of the Fallen' shoved underneath it. The logo is as underwhelming as the title, so let's hope that the movie makes up for it. Everything is pointing to a sequel that surpasses the first film in every way, and as hard as it is to say it, I'm trusting Michael Bay will deliver something cool for the fans. I do still hate the title, but I can live with it if the film is good enough.

Monday, 14 July 2008


Okay, so there’s a movie of Gears of war on the way, and Bioshock, and (evetually) Halo, but there’s still a ton of classic video game titles out there that could be given the big screen treatment. Why has this come to mind? A review of Paul W.S. Amderson’s script for a proposed Castlevania movie has gone up online, and it got me thinking. The blatant one that comes to mind would have to be Zelda, but then I’d also love to see a great big CG version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Think about it. A full speed Sonic adventure on the big screen, full of badass Robotnik action would be an awesome sight.

So if Hollywood is running out of ideas (as it certainly appears to be doing), here’s a few suggestions for classic video games that would make fantastic films (animated or otherwise).

Streets of Rage

Fatal Fury

Eternal Champions (I’m joking with this one)

Golden Axe

Altered Beast

Space Invaders (think about it- this could be the definitive game movie)

Alien Storm


Alex Kidd

Flashback (oh sweet Geek Jesus yes)

Ecco (hehehe)

Out Run (an all time classic that would be great fun onscreen)

Zero Wing (ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US- on the big screen. That sells itself doesn’t it?)

There are literally hundreds of others out there. Any of you guys and gals have any other suggestions? God knows we’ve spent enough of our lives in front of these things- they must have something going for them. I know this list is kind of old school by current standards, but there’s so much good stuff in those video-games that it’d be a crime to ignore them.

Monday, 7 July 2008


The world of comics has lost one of is contemporary guiding lights. Michael Turner, creator of FATHOM and KIANI and the man behind the Aspen company, sadly passed away after losing his battle against cancer. This is a time for the comics industry to put their differences aside and acknowledge the man and his work. We have lost an incredible talent and a much loved person, and the comics world seems a bit less fun now. Known the world over for his distinctive art style and unique character designs, Michael built a name for himself and his colleagues with his own property, the aquatic heroine Aspen, aka Fathom.

Speaking as a fan of his work and a retailer, I can vouch for the feeling whenever something new arrived with his art on it- there was an excitement that was shared by everyone, and we would all check it out before pointing it out to our customers. That’s how I’ll be remembering him- someone that brought some excitement back to the world of graphic storytelling.

Starstore would like to pass our sincere condolences to the friends, family and workmates of Mr Turner.

Thursday, 3 July 2008


We all love graphic novels and the comics that they collect, but what are the biggies for the Starstore staff? Lets take a look at our favourites, and there may well be one or two surprises on the list amid the usual suspects. This heralds the start of some regular looks at our favourite trade paperbacks…


The graphic novel masterpiece. How could this not be on here? Utterly perfect in every possible way apart from the odd dodgy hairstyle. Zack Snyder better have done something incredible with the movie…


V is one of the most compelling characters ever to appear in a comic series. His personality and quest are so timeless that it is easy to see why this has been a consistent seller for so long.


The early 1990s were rocked with the death of the iconic superhero at the hands of the behemoth known as Doomsday, and even though he came back, things were never the same.


A very low key book with a very moving story. Death, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman universe, appears in this heart warming (and equally heartbreaking) tale of life and love.


All 9 graphic novels. You heard me. Preacher is about as badass as a comic series can possibly be, and the series has stood the test of time more than most titles.


Likewise with this. The ten books may have dated in terms of artwork, but the twists of surreal plot are still every bit as compelling as anything Gaiman has written outside of comics. Genius.


Look, it’s a rule. You work in a comic shop, you love TWISTED TOYFARE THEATRE. Strips done with action figures, satirising the comics scene and industry? Yes please. Just keep Tony Stark away from the beer.


A stark and beautifully written piece of graphic novel art that shows another side to the character we know and love. The early years of the X-Men’s most mysterious ally.


Frank Miller’s definitive noir comics series, collected in graphic novel form. Rounded characters. Incredible artwork. Impeccable. What happened frank? How can you go from this to DK2?!


Jim Mahfood’s excellent take on the lives of a bunch of twentysomething slacker girls.


The reprints of her classic stories are a constantly popular line, and now that the new era Tank Girl is coming to trades with ‘The Gifting’ and so on, her popularity is on the rise again.


John Kovalic’s affectionate look at comics and game geeks remains to this day the most entertaining geek inside joke around. Come on, we all know an Igor. Some of us have to work with one!


Alan Moore gets about a bit doesn’t he? Here’s another one from him. Pretty much the definitive Batman graphic novel story, up there with Arkham Asylum, Knightfall and A Death in The Family. Perfect.

More favourites coming soon, as well as some that we don’t like quite so much ;)