Monday, 7 July 2008


The world of comics has lost one of is contemporary guiding lights. Michael Turner, creator of FATHOM and KIANI and the man behind the Aspen company, sadly passed away after losing his battle against cancer. This is a time for the comics industry to put their differences aside and acknowledge the man and his work. We have lost an incredible talent and a much loved person, and the comics world seems a bit less fun now. Known the world over for his distinctive art style and unique character designs, Michael built a name for himself and his colleagues with his own property, the aquatic heroine Aspen, aka Fathom.

Speaking as a fan of his work and a retailer, I can vouch for the feeling whenever something new arrived with his art on it- there was an excitement that was shared by everyone, and we would all check it out before pointing it out to our customers. That’s how I’ll be remembering him- someone that brought some excitement back to the world of graphic storytelling.

Starstore would like to pass our sincere condolences to the friends, family and workmates of Mr Turner.

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