Thursday, 31 July 2008


Lara Croft, ahem, sorry, Angelina Jolie has been showing an interest in portraying Catwoman in the next Batman film from Christopher Nolan. Jolie has been putting her feelers out for the part recently, and is fuelling speculation that it will indeed be the feline burglar hitting the screen alongside Two face in the next film. Angelina would be a suitable candidate for the role, and would hopefully play the character more along the lines of Michelle Pfeiffer’s legendary appearance in 1991's Tim Burton sequel Batman Returns, and not that godawful Halle Berry movie from 2004. Concerns that she wouldn’t have the right presence or action skills need just watch wanted or the Tomb Raider movies again. While not quite as slinky and suggestive as I’d like, she would be able to tackle the part with purrfect character. Sorry, I couldn’t help that. Even former 60's Catwoman actress Julie Newmar thinks this is a great idea. Here’s hoping that this third film will do justice to the legacy of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and doesn’t slip back into Joel Schumacher territory.

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