Monday, 28 April 2008


It has come to light that John Favreau, director of the eagerly anticipated IRON MAN movie, is looking forward to the future of the series, with two sequels currently being planned. He has gone on record saying that the second would probably introduce War machine properly, and also Iron Man’s classic nemesis, The Mandarin, which is also hinted at in this first Iron Man feature film.

Terence Howard has also talked about the possibility of War Machine showing up in the next movie, but he states nothing is set in stone yet. There are various teasers in the first movie that he will one day don his own version of Stark’s armour, and plans are afoot to bring the popular character to life in the second movie, or possibly even the third.

I do think we have something special to look forward to here. The Iron Man property isn’t as massive as Spider-Man or the X-Men, and as such expectations haven’t been boiling over quite so much. People seem to be stunned by how cool the trailers look, and judging from the early reviews that are filtering through, the film more than backs up the hype. Not long now!!!

Friday, 25 April 2008


As reported in every corner of geekdom, Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth director Benicio Del Toro has now been conformed to helm the two HOBBIT movies. To be made by New Line and MGM, the two films are to be shot in New Zealand, just like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The first of the two films will be a complete adaptation of the legendary book by JRR Tolkien, and the second (and more risky) part is to bridge the gap between the Hobbit and LotR, using Tolkien’s original notes to fill in the blanks.

While it was a no-brainer that there would end up being a Hobbit movie, I’m very pleased by Del Toro’s involvement and excited at the prospect of an original movie stuck in the middle of such a well-loved franchise. It is most certainly a risky move on the part of the studios, but in Del Toro’s more than capable hands we should be in for something spectacular and compelling added to the Lord of the Rings mythology. It will certainly be interesting to see what the second film will bring in terms of story, and I’m very curious as to what the title of the piece will be.

Thursday, 24 April 2008


Here’s a superb video in which JJ Abrams talks about the reasons behind the new Star Trek movie having its release date pushed back five months, and the possibility of a sequel to the Cloverfield movie. Interesting stuff.

I’m kinda glad Paramount have moved the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie
to a more sensible release date. The original, Christmas Day, release was a nice idea but would have made for a lousy opening weekend if you think about it. This way it gives more time for the effects to be polished and the marketing to build up a bigger buzz for the film.

Michael Stahl-David, star of the first Cloverfield movie
, has recently stated that he doubts he’ll be asked back for the proposed sequel, unless it was just a glimpse on somebody else’s camera. As previously rumoured, Cloverfield 2 is said to follow the same events covered in the first film, this time telling the story from the perspective of a different set of characters. I do wonder if any of them will survive this time…

Monday, 21 April 2008


News on the forthcoming Terminator movie sequel, TERMINATOR SALVATION: THE FUTURE BEGINS, has been released- the film’s leading female character is to be played by a lady called Moon Bloodgood. Set to play a battle-hardened freedom fighter and colleague of John Connor (being played in the film by Batman star Christian Bale), Moon is to bring to life a major character in the film, and aside from being beautiful has a string of credible acting to her name, including work on Journeyman, Pathfinder and CSI amongst a lengthy list.

She is also currently filming the new video game film Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, in which she plays Maya. I think we have the beginnings of a brand new Geek Queen here….The new Terminator movie is due for worldwide release in 2009.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


The G.I. Joe live-action feature film is starting to get interesting again. After the photo of Ray Park as Snake Eyes came to light recently, now various sources have posted a brand new image from the movie- that of the character Scarlett in full costume (click the image to see the larger version). She’s looking fantastic, too. Played in the big-budget toy line adaptation by Rachel Nichols (who is also in the brand new STAR TREK movie), who was previously best known for her role in the ALIAS TV show, the G.I. Joe character shows a definite change from her action figure counterpart. Updated for the contemporary audience, she looks great as the character, and it does look as though this movie is going to be a bit more interesting than your average run of the mill toy movie.

What worries me about the project now is whether it is being treated as an actual feature film with coherent plot, or as a lengthy advert for new toys. Hopefully a happy medium can be reached. I know there’ll be some fantastic merchandise available once the movie hits, but I’m hoping its placement in the film doesn’t end up detracting from the narrative flow or the audience’s enjoyment. We shall see.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


The one sheet poster for the forthcoming Marvel Comics adaptation THE INCREDIBLE HULK has been revealed. Starring Ed Norton and Liv Tyler, the movie is certainly looking like a better prospect than Ang Lee’s decent but somewhat misguided version, and the poster looks pretty cool. Check it out:

The feel of this version of the Hulk feels a lot closer to the rest of the Marvel movies that have been released. Hell, even Elektra felt more like it took place in the Marvel universe than the first Hulk movie. Boasting a great cast and what appears to be some very admirable effects, the Incredible Hulk is gearing up to take on the world alongside the Iron Man movie. It’s weird- I don’t really see these two movies as being against each other at the box office. It really seems a case of the two of them working alongside each other in order to fill seats with Marvel Comics fans old and new.

Monday, 14 April 2008


The geeks over at IESB have posted what appears to be the full trailer for the brand new animated CLONE WARS movie. Telling the tale of the Clone wars, those legends often talked of in the STAR WARS universe, the film is to help bridge the gap between the second and third instalments of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. It differs from the original animated Clone wars TV series in that this one is major-league CG as opposed to the cel-shaded style. The idea behind the big-screen release of the film is to kickstart the TV series of the same name which will follow later in the year. Essentially the first three episodes of the series edited together into feature length, the film looks like it is going to fill the gaps in very nicely, not to mention get the TV show off to one hell of a good start.

Judging from the trailer, the feel is very much that of the prequels in tone and storyline. The stylized artwork looks fantastic (and will no doubt kick off a whole new range of Star Wars action figures too), and is remarkably adventurous for such a large property. There does seem to be several nods towards the expanded universe in there, with all the extra characters hitherto unseen in a Star wars movie, and I honestly think this is going to be huge, and also surprise a lot of people with its conceptual complexity. Those detractors saying it’s a kids movie need to wait in line and see the damn thing before berating it.

Personally I think this is a brilliant way to start a TV series and would love to see more premieres air first as movies on the big screen, even in limited runs I think this would benefit both Cinemas and the TV companies that produce the shows. You want people to watch? Give them spectacle. Check out the Clone Wars when it is released for some major lessons in spectacle.

Sunday, 13 April 2008


Going where lots of people have gone before- just doing it better this time!

The Star Trek: Wrath of Khan 25th Anniversary Figures have been out for a while now but they’re still a firm favourite with staff and fans. With the new film on the way (eventually, anyway. Does it still have a release date? Last I heard it had been shoved back to May 09 or something), there is a renewed interest in all things Trek, and these recent releases are some of the best Star Trek figures released in at least a decade. Series one contains superb figures of Admiral Kirk, Khan himself (aka Khan Noonian Singh, or just ‘Khaaaaaan’), Captain Terrel and ‘Double Cross’ Kirk (with bloodied tunic). There’s also the Comic-con exclusive figures, consisting of McCoy, Chekov, Sulu and Scotty.

Featuring superior sculpts of the classic stars and a great range of accessories, the only place the figures don’t hit the mark is the packaging- and that’s only because they don’t hang that great on a hook. Small quibble, but still, it does annoy us a bit. The figures are great though, and bode well for the future of the range.

I’m actually getting kinda curious as to what the figures will look like for the new movie. I know we’re in for different uniforms and an overall different feel to the new version of the Star Trek universe, but I’m getting quite stoked after seeing the spy photos of the new uniforms to check out the new figures and tech from the movie.

Thursday, 10 April 2008



Cowab- okay, I won’t scream it from the rooftops, sorry! NECA have revealed the first images of their brand new officially licensed range of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES action figures. Following on from their recent regular release of standard packaging Turtles figures, NECA now offer up the range in brand new Tubular packaging, which, while they will be a nightmare for us to display in the store, will look fantastic on display at home. Due for release at the back end of May in the US (Meaning we won’t be that far behind that here in the UK), these editions of the figures will feature just the basic weapons for each character. To be honest, fans don’t want anything else do they? We want the Turtles as we remember them, Sais and Katanas and whatnot. Who gives a monkeys about masses of pointless additions? These stripped- down figures should be very popular with fans old and new, and despite their design leaning heavily towards their original comics incarntaions (remember Eastman and Laird’s ass kicking comics of the 1980s, before the TMNTs went kiddie friendly?), fans of the recent CG movie should love them too.

Images of the range have been posted over on the NECA website and are looking awesome. Seeing the Turtles all wearing red bandanas again is very cool indeed- back to their roots! Seeing the Turtles all wearing red bandanas again is very cool indeed- back to their roots! The original version of the green foursome were vicious ninja warriors who would hack, slash and mutilate their way through as many bad guys as possible. It is heartwarming to see them revisiting their days as insane mutant killers with a penchant for pizza and kicking vast quantities of rump.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Excuse me while I scream a second. AAAAAGGGH!!!! Thanks. Appreciated. I just read AICN’s report on the remake of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, which is now shooting in Vancouver with Keanu Reeves in the lead role of Klaatu. According to this report, there’ll be no Gort onscreen, and nobody even says ‘Klaatu Barada Nikto’ once! This really isn't on, guys. Come on. Look at the original. Rarely has such an image lived on for so long in so many minds and on so many shelves. This is the real thing, and it shouldn;t be messed with like this.

Right, how in the name of our lord, George Lucas, can you remake this film without those two elements? You can’t! I’m really getting sick of classics getting screwed up when they are remade. You can bang on all you want about ‘updating’ or ‘reinventing’ but when you take away something as fundamental and iconic as Gort, you pretty much rob the movie of its links to the original.

Yeah yeah, Gort and the ‘Klaatu..’ phrase aren’t what the movie is totally about, but those two things are amongst the most important things in the entire science fiction pantheon. To do away with them is to do a massive disservice to the original and the fans of the genre. Don’t rob this generation of their Gort, and please, please don’t screw up The Day The Earth Stood Still. Its like remaking Star Wars and not putting Darth Vader in it! The classics attain their status for damn clear reasons, and when these remakes get pitched, these elements should be first and foremost in the makers’ minds. Please, do us all a favour and respect the giants of the genre. Do them justice.

Sunday, 6 April 2008


Comics have been a dull place without Tank Girl. When she finally returned with The Gifting (Out now in trades from IDW), it was like a breath of foul-mouthed air. We went for far too long without her raucous, obnoxious and incredibly sexy self adorning pages and shelves, and it is fantastic to have her back where she belongs. The art may have changed, but its still the same oddly-dressed punk freedom fighter with a penchant for Kangaroo men and tiny shorts.

While it may be difficult for old fans to take with the new art style (which is pretty cool, if a bit too messy and chaotic), the writing, by Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin, is top notch and well in keeping with the character's past.

The comics industry needs Tank Girl. Why? Because she comes across as a very real person, who is both easy to relate to and incredibly likeable in a potty-mouthed antiheroine way. Comics have become far too safe of late, and the return of Tank Girl will hopefully inspire the return of other similar ass kickers. I nominate Marshall Law, Death's Head (I mean the REAL Death's Head), and Spider Jerusalem. lets shake things up a bit shall we people? We're sick of spandex again.

Friday, 4 April 2008


Right, we know Michael Bay has gone on record to say that he'll be leaking fake news surrounding Transformers 2, but a rumour that we are to see the Constructicons in the next movie, and they are indeed going to join together to become Devastator, has been floated online. The problem is, even though we know all manner of tidbits are going to be put forward about the film, this one makes sense. Devastator would be incredible onscreen, especially as a major foe in the climax. I like this idea much more than the rumours of Dinobots showing up really...

Thursday, 3 April 2008


Another vehicle has been spotted being shipped to the same place as the Barricade cars last week! Superhero Hype have posted an image of none other than Optimus Prime's vehicular incarnation being shipped by truck across America. Now, are the vehicles just being shipped into storage or to have work done on them? The fanboy in me wants to go with last week's rumours that tyhe sequel may already be shooting soon, but right now we can't be sure. Transformers 2 is going to be a huge release, and we literally can't wait to get our hands on any bit of news regarding it. Let the madness commence!

To refresh yourself, check out our review of the first movie.


Marvel’s latest universe-spanning crossover is set to be a doozy. The Skrulls have been a presence in the Marvel Universe for decades, and are well integrated into continuity, but they’ve never seemed that much of a threat to me. Granted they can shapeshift and are capable of extremely brutal acts of violence, but for the most part they just came across as a generic alien-of-the-issue bad guiys with bumpy chins and pointy green ears.

It seems that my opinion of them is about to change with this forthcoming crossover. Commencing this month with Secret Invasion 1, Mighty Avengers 12 and New Avengers 40, it looks set to send some considerable chaos out across all of Marveldom, and will do so in a rather exciting and original way. The Marvel Universe has been infiltrated by the shapeshifting aliens, who have worked their way into all the major parts of major characters’ lives and homes. Every superpowered organization has been affected, and it is going to leave the heroes wondering exactly who they can trust in the battle against this secret invasion.

Marvel have released an animated webisode trailer for the crossover, which gives you a taste of the paranoia and action to come…

I must say I’m into the whole idea of alien infiltration like this in comics. Instead of a whacking great battle from the start, there’s going to be some genuine drama and mystery before the chaos kicks off, and that can only be a good thing in an age where many superhero titles are beginning to stagnate again. This is one crossover to get genuinely excited about. Now then DC, when’s your next ‘Crisis’ eh?

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

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