Thursday, 17 April 2008


The G.I. Joe live-action feature film is starting to get interesting again. After the photo of Ray Park as Snake Eyes came to light recently, now various sources have posted a brand new image from the movie- that of the character Scarlett in full costume (click the image to see the larger version). She’s looking fantastic, too. Played in the big-budget toy line adaptation by Rachel Nichols (who is also in the brand new STAR TREK movie), who was previously best known for her role in the ALIAS TV show, the G.I. Joe character shows a definite change from her action figure counterpart. Updated for the contemporary audience, she looks great as the character, and it does look as though this movie is going to be a bit more interesting than your average run of the mill toy movie.

What worries me about the project now is whether it is being treated as an actual feature film with coherent plot, or as a lengthy advert for new toys. Hopefully a happy medium can be reached. I know there’ll be some fantastic merchandise available once the movie hits, but I’m hoping its placement in the film doesn’t end up detracting from the narrative flow or the audience’s enjoyment. We shall see.

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