Monday, 28 April 2008


It has come to light that John Favreau, director of the eagerly anticipated IRON MAN movie, is looking forward to the future of the series, with two sequels currently being planned. He has gone on record saying that the second would probably introduce War machine properly, and also Iron Man’s classic nemesis, The Mandarin, which is also hinted at in this first Iron Man feature film.

Terence Howard has also talked about the possibility of War Machine showing up in the next movie, but he states nothing is set in stone yet. There are various teasers in the first movie that he will one day don his own version of Stark’s armour, and plans are afoot to bring the popular character to life in the second movie, or possibly even the third.

I do think we have something special to look forward to here. The Iron Man property isn’t as massive as Spider-Man or the X-Men, and as such expectations haven’t been boiling over quite so much. People seem to be stunned by how cool the trailers look, and judging from the early reviews that are filtering through, the film more than backs up the hype. Not long now!!!

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