Thursday, 24 April 2008


Here’s a superb video in which JJ Abrams talks about the reasons behind the new Star Trek movie having its release date pushed back five months, and the possibility of a sequel to the Cloverfield movie. Interesting stuff.

I’m kinda glad Paramount have moved the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie
to a more sensible release date. The original, Christmas Day, release was a nice idea but would have made for a lousy opening weekend if you think about it. This way it gives more time for the effects to be polished and the marketing to build up a bigger buzz for the film.

Michael Stahl-David, star of the first Cloverfield movie
, has recently stated that he doubts he’ll be asked back for the proposed sequel, unless it was just a glimpse on somebody else’s camera. As previously rumoured, Cloverfield 2 is said to follow the same events covered in the first film, this time telling the story from the perspective of a different set of characters. I do wonder if any of them will survive this time…

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