Thursday, 3 April 2008


Marvel’s latest universe-spanning crossover is set to be a doozy. The Skrulls have been a presence in the Marvel Universe for decades, and are well integrated into continuity, but they’ve never seemed that much of a threat to me. Granted they can shapeshift and are capable of extremely brutal acts of violence, but for the most part they just came across as a generic alien-of-the-issue bad guiys with bumpy chins and pointy green ears.

It seems that my opinion of them is about to change with this forthcoming crossover. Commencing this month with Secret Invasion 1, Mighty Avengers 12 and New Avengers 40, it looks set to send some considerable chaos out across all of Marveldom, and will do so in a rather exciting and original way. The Marvel Universe has been infiltrated by the shapeshifting aliens, who have worked their way into all the major parts of major characters’ lives and homes. Every superpowered organization has been affected, and it is going to leave the heroes wondering exactly who they can trust in the battle against this secret invasion.

Marvel have released an animated webisode trailer for the crossover, which gives you a taste of the paranoia and action to come…

I must say I’m into the whole idea of alien infiltration like this in comics. Instead of a whacking great battle from the start, there’s going to be some genuine drama and mystery before the chaos kicks off, and that can only be a good thing in an age where many superhero titles are beginning to stagnate again. This is one crossover to get genuinely excited about. Now then DC, when’s your next ‘Crisis’ eh?

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