Sunday, 13 April 2008


Going where lots of people have gone before- just doing it better this time!

The Star Trek: Wrath of Khan 25th Anniversary Figures have been out for a while now but they’re still a firm favourite with staff and fans. With the new film on the way (eventually, anyway. Does it still have a release date? Last I heard it had been shoved back to May 09 or something), there is a renewed interest in all things Trek, and these recent releases are some of the best Star Trek figures released in at least a decade. Series one contains superb figures of Admiral Kirk, Khan himself (aka Khan Noonian Singh, or just ‘Khaaaaaan’), Captain Terrel and ‘Double Cross’ Kirk (with bloodied tunic). There’s also the Comic-con exclusive figures, consisting of McCoy, Chekov, Sulu and Scotty.

Featuring superior sculpts of the classic stars and a great range of accessories, the only place the figures don’t hit the mark is the packaging- and that’s only because they don’t hang that great on a hook. Small quibble, but still, it does annoy us a bit. The figures are great though, and bode well for the future of the range.

I’m actually getting kinda curious as to what the figures will look like for the new movie. I know we’re in for different uniforms and an overall different feel to the new version of the Star Trek universe, but I’m getting quite stoked after seeing the spy photos of the new uniforms to check out the new figures and tech from the movie.

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