Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Tis the season to get cool stuff...

‘Tis the season to get cool stuff

Fa la la la la- la la la LAAAAA.

Hello, me again. Don’t worry, I’m not feeling too festive yet. No sooner have the bikinis been packed away and there’s a batch of Christmas themed figures out. Ah, but there little beauties aren’t your average Yuletide nonsense, oh no siree, they’re made by Macfarlane, and thus amid the horrors of the (dun-dun-DUUUHHH) Snowman and (Shudder) Santa Claus (No really, they’re freaky as hell), good old Todd has seen fit to bless his many disciples out there in Fanland with a brand new sexy icon to worship… Mrs Claus! Far from her usual image of a nice apron and a friendly smile, she’s offered here, erm… Well, there’s no way else to say it but, she’s poledancing around a Candy Cane! You too will believe that confectionery can be alluring!

Check her out…

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Now tell me, who wouldn’t want to find her filling their Christmas stocking?

An old favourite has made a recent- and very welcome- return in a new form too, namely the TWISTED LAND OF OZ version of Dorothy, now in a 12 inch form. Again from Macfarlane (oh how good to us dear Lord Todd is to us), it’s basically the same thing as the original 7 inch figure but on a larger scale, thus enabling far greater detail in the sculpt and more shelf impact. We got these in recently and they look fantastic.

I do love the fact that McF continue to churn out the good stuff on a pretty consistent basis. Sure they put out some duds now and again, but look at the companies that put out nothing BUT duds. It balances out pretty well in Macfarlane’s favour. Their stuff has been a consistent seller for as long as I can remember, what with their Movie Maniacs range and various licenses over the years. They must be doing something right, and what is it? Basically their merchandise is of a very high quality, and while not all of the paint jobs are 100% convincing on the figures they produce, they hit the mark more often than not.

The lovely Dorothy in all her glory…

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Something that has been gnawing at the geek consciousness for a good while now (okay, more CONSUMING than gnawing) is the gaming phenomenon of WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Personally it ain’t my thing. The RPG fans languish elsewhere in our store, and are big devotees. What I do know is that people have been dying to check out the figures, and ours came in a little while ago. They’re damn cool pieces, but I couldn’t tell you much about the characters without visiting Wikipedia or actually playing the game itself, and as games tend to make me want to throw people out of windows, I’d best avoid it. According to my reliable sources (heh, I almost typed ‘sauces’ there, which wouldn’t have been too far from the truth), these figures kick all kinds of backside, and the reaction from our clientele seems to be favouring them quite well.

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I’m looking forward to this year’s deluge of coolness in the run up to the Christmas period. After seven years in this business I have a feeling this year’s going to be very, very memorable for all of us.