Monday, 16 July 2007

We are Back!!

Hey there folks,
As many of you will be aware, our part of the world was severely flooded recently (the worst floods in this region for 200 years!), including the Meadowhall Centre in Sheffield where our store, THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, is situated. It was as if Kevin Costner was getting his own back on us for not liking WATERWORLD much. The whole city was hit rather badly, with thousands of people's home affected, businesses damaged and property ruined. Meadowhall didn't get away lightly. Needless to say, when the water invaded the mall we were not spared its wrath, and once the waters had subsided, the mammoth clean-up operation could begin. Andy, Steve and Helen were on the scene for several days, working our g33ky backsides off to get the store back up and running for your pleasure. Oo-err. The lovely cleaners helped sort our floor out, and we set about redesigning the shop layout and deciding where lots of cool new stuff could go.I'm happy to tell you we're back up and running, with a plethora of cool new items and a spacious new layout. We wanted to get back open for you so much that we got the place open waaaay before most of the massive department/chain stores in the centre, such is out commitment to getting you the goodies you want! It would be easy to wallow (or should that be Paddle?) in what happened, but we saw it as a new challenge and a great opportunity to make the store even better for you, the customers! Our latest items are now much more easily accessible, as is the rest of the store. Plus our recent releases are now split into This Week's New Titles and Last Week's New Titles, to give you another week to check out the latest comics before we transfer them to the back issue sections. Much of the lower floor of Meadowhall is still closed, but we're there on The Lanes, working hard to bring you the latest comics, posters, memorabilia and figures, same as ever. So come along and say hello, have a browse, and pick yourself up some cool stuff. Don't forget you can visit us online at Normal service is now resumed. Updates and all manner of buffoonery shall follow forthwith.