Friday, 2 May 2008


For once the critics and the audiences are in agreement- the Iron Man movie is about as good as superhero movies get. Reviews have said it is brilliant pretty much across the board, and fans seem to agree. The film has opened to massive audiences everywhere and looks set to be a huge hit. The film seems to have struck the right mixture of humour, action and drama that every superhero movie dreams of pulling off. This is very exciting for comic movie fans the world over, as it means that our beloved genre is getting a bit more critical and commercial kudos, thus ensuring its future.

The Iron Man story, of a billionaire discovering the error of his ways and using his wealth and technology to make amends seems to have translated to the screen perfectly, and the casting of Robert Downey Jr couldn’t be better. If ever a man was meant to play Tony Stark onscreen, it’d be him. Aside from the scale of this film and its suitably heroic storyline, there are nods to various other forthcoming projects (stay until after the end credits to see what I mean. No really, you MUST see the extra bit), which hints at the Marvel Comics movies universe starting to edge towards becoming a coherent world in which characters from different films may interact. In the end, this will only serve to make the films better as they will all have to play alongside each other as well as being strong standalone tales.

Iron man really is about as good as the genre gets. It is huge, fun, scary, thrilling and uplifting, and is a great introduction to those outside of comics fandom to one of the industry’s most interesting and compelling characters. Two sequels are apparently on the way, and the first of those is already secure following the first film’s massive opening weekend. Now out in the UK too, we can all revel in the first big screen outing for the red and gold wonder. Here’s to Iron Man.

A full review will be posted soon!

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