Thursday, 15 May 2008


Fraggle Rock, that bastion of bizarre 1980s puppetry genius, is all set to make a comeback on the big screen in an all singing, all dancing live action musical extravaganza. I love this idea. Its so mad it may just turn out brilliant. DVD sales of the first 3 seasons have been so strong that it has made the prospect of a return very viable. Created by the Jim Henson company, the show became a hit with kids in the 80s and has struck a chord with viewers ever since those early days. The Weinstein Co. are to adapt the Fraggle Rock series for the big screen with a script by director Cory Edwards. Lisa and Brian Henson will be acting as producers for the project. You know, I think this is going to be lapped up by kids and those who remember Fraggle Rock from its original run. I certainly fall into the latter category, and will probably be in line when the thing gets released. I mean, with THAT theme tune, how could you not want to see the Fraggles back onscreen? The story, like the classic TV series, concerns the main Fraggles (and new characters) emerging from their magical home and being mistaken for aliens. Here’s hoping that we get to see the Doozers back onscreen too! This project has been reported to be live action, and I am hoping that the Fraggles aren’t CG, or at least for the most part. It would be great to see them run and jump and interact like fully rendered characters, so some CG is unavoidable, but they do need to mostly be traditional puppets for the transition to work. Anyway, I think we’ve got something to look forward to here. And yeah, I can’t get the theme tune out of my head either now :/

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