Friday, 30 May 2008


Michael Turner’s aquatic strumpet returns to the comics field with this teaser for the new series from Turner’s Aspen company. The reader may feel a little short changed with this issue, as much of it has already been given away as part of this year’s Free Comic Book Day shenanigans a while back. Plus, it’s a bit light on content anyway. What there is though is decent, if not really that inspiring. There’s some nice setup material and the necessary exposition, but little else. The art, pencilled by Ale Garza and inked by Sal Regla, is very attractive, and fills the characters out a but more than Turner’s own comic book style does, which is cool to see, but it doesn’t stop the book looking a little like something Crossgen would have published (especially in the colour palette used). The script, by JT Krul, is serviceable but maybe a little flat in places, relying too much on monologues instead of dialogue, which makes the whole thing feel too much like an advert. I guess it is exactly that really, and its going to be interesting to see where this goes when the comics series starts for real. It looks great, but this issue is a bit of a let down, aside from the superb and rather eye catching cover featuring Aspen herself.

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