Wednesday, 4 June 2008


The recently released action figures based on the games hit Gears of War have been snapped up almost as fast as stores have been able to get them onto the hooks. Now, NECA have unveiled the next addition to the figures range- a brand spanking new Gears of War action figure box set. Erm, the only thing is, this box set contains the full set of figures that have already been released, along with one variant figure. Pardon me being picky, but wouldn’t it have been more lucrative for NECA to have released this box set first, and THEN the individual Gears of War figures? Or at least simultaneously? Okay, there are new accessories included in the pack that weren’t included with the original release of the figures, but is that really enough to get the fans to buy them again? This set is perfect for anyone who is yet to get their hands on some Gears of war figures, but for those that have already got them on their shelves, I can’t see it being snapped up that quickly. That said, the Gears of War action figures have been flying out at a mad rate, so maybe I’m wrong. Oh, and not forgetting there’s a movie of the game in preproduction, so we may well be on the brink of it taking over more aspects of the media. We shall see. If anything from the games arena has a chance of breaking out into the general public’s consciousness, I’d say it is Gears of War, even over Halo. I dunno, it just seems to have a bit more of a brain. A bit, anyway.

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