Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Fox appear to be having a bit of a tantrum, don’t they? Apparently the movie giant still retains some rights to the Watchmen property, and is trying to stop the Warner Bros-made movie being released. Right, why on earth did Fox wait until the film had actually completed production until bringing this up? The matter came up six months or so ago, after the Zack Snyder film was in the can, and has now reared its ugly head again. Look, Fox, people want to see this film. Lots of people. Some of those people have been waiting twenty years to see it, and if you held the rights back then, why wasn’t it put into production. Warners have made good on their promise of creating a hell of a feature film, that looks set to do the legendary Watchmen comic book series justice, and now fans can’t help but feel that Fox are throwing a bit of a strop for no good reason, I mean, they had their chance. Let it lie. I hope this matter can be resolved without any delay to the film’s release, or there are going to be a lot of fans out there calling for Fox’s collective heads on a platter. This is a real shame, as both studios are excellent and sometimes it would just be nice if they would get along.

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