Thursday, 6 March 2008


Oh yes, yes yes! Zack Snyder has been a very kind man indeed and deemed us worthy of some juicy photos from his forthcoming feature film based on the legendary WATCHMEN graphic novel. The photos went up on the official site, and as soon as AICN caught wind of it, servers were working overtime as fanboys and girls the world over feasted their eyes on the delights that are to come.

So what has been revealed over at the official website?

First up is a great action shot of The Comedian. His costume as expression are spot on, but I’m a little wary of the white in his hair. Is it going to look natural onscreen? I do love the wiseass grin he’s sporting. The Night Owl photo has surprised me somewhat. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting him to look this cool. Looking for all the world like some feral version of Batman, the costume is perfect, even though it strays from the comic a fair bit. Can’t be helped really. Ozymandias looks as camp as expected, but the costume looks, hmm, a bit much? Mind you, this is perfect for the character, as he always was a bit of a pretty boy.

Then we have a great photo of the Silver Spectre. Oh yes, she is looking foxy, even in those impractical heels. This is the most comic-book style photo of the batch, with her in a suitably heroic pose that could have been taken straight from a comic frame. I bet that costume rides up a bit. Poor girl. The most exciting photo is, naturally, another picture of Rorscharch. Yes, we’ve seen him a few times already, but the character is so important to comic fandom, and indeed the film, that any glimpse of our favourite antihero is a moment to savour. He is looking every bit as unhinged as we wanted him to, and I love it. I can’t wait for this movie. At long last, the general public will get a chance to experience what we have been ranting on about for two decades. Watch out world…

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