Thursday, 13 March 2008


One of the greatest genre movies of the 80s was THE LOST BOYS. There’s no two ways about it. That decade was great for vampire movies that crossed over into the brat-pack mentality of the time, and there are some very varied examples of genre from that era. Films such as Vamp mixed vampires and comedy, and films like the legendary NEAR DARK (which is currently being remade…surprise surprise) mixed vamps with a hard edge and some stereotype-bashing. Above them all in terms of style and longevity stands THE LOST BOYS. A weird mix of ‘the Breakfast Club’, ‘Easy Rider’, ‘The Hunger’ and Anne Rice, it boasted a strong cast of young faces including a certain Kiefer Sutherland, now known the world over as Jack Bauer in 24.

The film, the questionable outfits, the stunning soundtrack and the whole iconography of a bunch of rock n’ roll vampire party animals became the stuff of legend.

A sequel has long been planned and talked about, but it took a hell of a long time for the thing to get filmed, and not only that, but this film has been completed for a good long while already, and just hasn’t been released.

Last year saw the Cult Classics range of figures add LOST BOYS action figures to their arsenal, proving straight away that interest still existed in the franchise. Add to that the constantly strong DVD and soundtrack sales. The first Lost Boys film has indeed become part of our pop culture tapestry, and a rather integral part at that. Now at last comes the sequel, titled LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE, which sadly won’t be getting a theatrical release (it will go straight to DVD).

Now, the trailer has been revealed and looks, hmm, like a straight to DVD sequel. On the upside, it does star 80’s legend Corey Feldman from the original movie, which can only be a good thing. Rumour has it (and so does the actor) that the other Corey, namely Corey Haim, will also be appearing in the film, but he doesn’t show up in the trailer, so something tells me this is going to be little more than a cameo.

As for the trailer itself? Check it out. The limits of the budget and the shoot itself are immediately apparent, but if I’m not mistaken it does seem to carry some of the same atmosphere as the first film, but that might be down to the succession of shots that seem to have been lifted directly from it! The lead vamp even seems to have been given a very similar appearance to Kiefer Sutherland’s 80s character, but with action, vampires, the Corey and THAT TUNE (it is still an awesome song), the new LOST BOYS movie at least looks entertaining.

Something to sink your teeth into, anyway.


I couldn’t help that one.

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