Thursday, 20 March 2008

The new HAMMER FILMS horror movie has a trailer out!

The brand new Hammer Films production has had its official trailer released in the past couple of days. The internet-only film is entitled BEYOND THE RAVE and will be released in installments via Myspace TV. Not exactly the glorious return of Hammer that fans had hoped for, but still, blood will be spilled. The film, while looking remarkably cheap, does seem to have some level of atmosphere to it, but isn;t the whole thing of Vamps in a club rather old hat (Vamp/From Dusk Til Dawn) and the concept of raves a bit, well, dated? I know Hammer were into making period pieces but this is pushing the definition a bit. Not sure about this one yet. It seems a bit amateurish and rushed, but you never know, it could be awesome.

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