Monday, 24 March 2008


Glorious webcomic/comic book series PVP (Player Vs Player) is celebrating its tenth anniversary in May with a special release from Image. The continuing misadventures of Brent, Cole, Francis, Jade and Skull are something we enjoy greatly here, and it's cool that a webcomic has been able to cross that great divide into print without disappearing completely. PVP does have its detractors, but they can whinge all they want, as PVP has earned its decade of success, and I sincerely hope therwill be years more of it to come. The geekery involved in the strip is spomething wonderful, and while the stories may sometimes teeter on the edge of being soap operas with chuckles, the characters save it from becoming too twee. Scott Jurtz is an incredibly talented man, and in bringing us PVP he has created essentially the comic book and video game version of Dilbert. The tenth anniversary will be celebrated with a special all-colour issue from the title's print home, Image Comics.

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