Friday, 21 March 2008



Well there we go, the first image to be released from Stephen Somers’ big screen G.I. JOE movie. Snake Eyes is played in the film by Ray “I was Darth Maul, me” Park, and the costume is looking pretty damn cool. There’s another pic on show over at AICN, again making Snake Eyes look as badass as he should do. People are already flaming each other left right and centre over the pics, but jeez, get some perspective. It could be fantastic, despite the overt patriotism.

There’s a divide in opinion regarding the movie, which is understandable as the G.I. JOE toy line is such a popular and well-loved piece of modern pop culture history, but seriously folks, wait and see what the movie is like before you start complaining about it. As long as we’re not in for another STREET FIGHTER debacle, we should be fine. Whats that you say? There’s a new Street Fighter movie on the way too? Well yes, but until I see Kristen Kreuk in the Chun Li costume I’m pretending that doesn’t exist.

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