Monday, 4 February 2008

Shellhead (Almost) Unleashed!

The IRON MAN spot that was premiered at the Superbowl has gone live online, and my sweet God it looks pretty sweet. It is shaping up to be quyite an exciting prospect. At first I was kind of so-so about the whole thing. Y’know, ANOTHER origin story on the big screen, but it does look as they’ve nailed it. Robert Downey Jnr was born to play Tony Stark, wasn’t he? He’s certainly been living the part for long enough (read some Twisted Toyfare Theatre for the full story).

It seemed that the ad campaign for the movie was getting a bit stale of late, with image after image released that were essentially the same shot, but now this tv spot is available, it really is time to get excited about the first movie outing for the red-and-gold Avenger. The suits look amazing, and the effects are seamless. Stark comes across every bit at arrogant and brilliant as you would want him to be, and the story sounds pretty cool too.

One thing I’m still intrigued about is the much-rumoured crossover scene between the Iron Man movie and the new INCREDIBLE HULK movie. Apparently both crews and some of both casts were present for the shooting of one scene that spans both films. Okay, so me and every other geek on the face of the planet immediately went ‘AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!’ (well we did in the shop anyway), and what else could it be? Personally I think the Iron man movie would end on a massively high note if it ended thusly…

(DISCLAIMER- Pure fanboy speculation!)


STARK is at the huge window, staring out at the city beyond his office. The scorched MKII helmet resides on his desk, facing us. O/S, The door opens. We hear footsteps. STARK doesn’t turn around yet.


Better make this quick, fella. I have brooding to do.


I won’t keep you long, mister Stark. I have something of a

Stark turns and faces the tall, blonde military man before him, and takes in the various medals upon the crisp uniform his visitor wears. A blue folder is under his arm.


My my, what a hero. Mr?

The soldier lays the folder on Stark’s desk and offers a strong handshake. CLOSE on the folder, which bears an oversized letter A, partially sticking out of the circle that surrounds it.


Rogers. Steve Rogers.


Are you a patriotic man, Mr Stark?

…and off Stark’s reaction, we go to;


Yeeeeaaaah. That’d be nice. Pretty Please?

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