Saturday, 9 February 2008


Oh yes indeedy. As if the Iron man stuff wasn't looking cool enough as it is, it has now been revealed that none less than Kotobukiya are to be producing items based on the movie. Hell yes! Not only that, they'll also be doing some stuff for THE INCREDIBLE HULK. There's seven categories of merchandise that are going to be made for the new projects, including, oh sweet mama, the ARTFX statues, aka Kotobukiya's revered signature line. This is very good news indeed, as Kotobukiya are masters at what they do.

As an aside, a snap of a toy package from the INCREDIBLE HULK movie has given fans their first glimpse of the ABOMINATION's new look in the anticipated sequel. I'll not post a pic here as that just wouldn;t be cricket (or fair). The thing looks fantastic, even from a simple little picture on the back of a blister pack. Everything is pointing to a much more satisfying film than the Ang Lee misfire. We can but hope!

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