Thursday, 18 February 2010

AMERICAN PIE to be rebooted? Seriously?

Apparently, Universal are looking to reboot the AMERICAN PIE movies franchise. Oh come on, of all the things you could make, of all of those thousands of scripts in your slush pile, of all of those properties that you could make some cash from, you choose AMERICAN PIE?

Look, I didn't mind the first two American Pie movies. They weren't brilliant, but they were funny and did have some gross-out moments that became synonymous with this kind of film. They also brought about the creation of a ton of copyist movies, not to mention all of those needless sequels. It didn't even need American Pie: The Wedding, in all honesty.

Sure, the American Pie DVD movies have been pretty popular (as far as endless DVD sequels go, anyway) and I can understand the interest in continuing to make those films, even though I'm not a fan of them. What I Can't understand is the need to bring it back to the big screen, or indeed to reboot it.

Really, come on, is there nothing else that could be done with the cash for another American Pie flick? In addition, hasn't the audience shrunk enough now that the DVD films have settled into their own genre? Please, for all our sakes, do something NEW.

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