Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Um, is that it? Sorry, but that's not much of a movie poster is it? Especially considering the franchise the movie is from. The Japanese poster included the proper Street Fighter logo, and actually looked pretty cool (moreso than the lacklustre trailer did), so why the half-arsed attempt shown here (click to view the full image)?

Surely this five minute photoshop job isn't the best they could come up with for the first 'serious' Street Fighter movie? It looks like some kind of Fast and Furious knockoff instead of a film based on a huge video game phenomenon with a global following.

Plus, there's no sign of the proper Chun Li costume, and the film's lead star, the lovely Kristen Kreuk, doesn't even get that much space on the damn thing. I hope the film is better than this sorry excuse for a poster.

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