Friday, 25 January 2008

The what now?

So then, the title of the new James Bond movie has been revealed- Quantum of Solace. Huh? Granted it is the title of an early Ian Fleming short story featuring Bond, but he's barely in the original tale. Plus, as titles go, it doesn't really inspire much awe. Sadly, I think it will confuse a portion of the potential audience. Me? I find it rather indifferent.

Thankfully it does look as though we're in for a treat with the movie. They started shooting it last month, and the initial rushes that were shown at the press junket really didn't show much apart from a bit of snow and Judi Dench scowling, so we'll have to wait to get more more about it. The title's a bit odd though.

On the upside, it stars former model Olga Kurylenko as a Bond Girl, which can only be a good thing as she is gorgeous. Okay okay, I'll go and have a cold shower now.

Hammer movies are back, albeit not in the form we knew and loved from long ago. A new movie has been shot in around a dozen episodes, which is to be released online bit by bit and later on DVD in a recut form. BEYOND THE RAVE is the title as far as I know, and surrounds chaos at a vampire nightclub. So then, instead of going for something iconic, they're making a cross between VAMP and FROM DUSK TIL DAWN? Whatever happened to innovation? The jury's still out on this project, but I'm really pleased that Hammer are back in business, and I hope they get a proper movie underway soon...

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